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About us


About us;



First of all we don’t know sh!t about longhorns, but we would like to personally thank, in no particular order, the Whitfill’s, the Hightower’s, the Wehring’s, the Rombeck’s, the Lemley’s, and Dora for selling us great animals way below a fair price to help us get a running start at a new passion that has overtaken us. The willingness of the TLBAA Staff is greatly appreciated by us both.


We moved from the city in 2004, we never dreamed that we would be caring for, raising, loving and talking about Longhorns. It is strange where life takes you; this has been an awesome surprise to us both.


We have never met such a great group of people that has accepted us and welcomed us with wide open arms. Not one member has minded talking longhorns with us; this is due in fact to the willingness and true passion that each person has about this breed.


We hope to one day be as helpful and instrumental in program direction to a new member as those who have helped us.


I am a Tattoo Artist at Randy Adams Tattoo Studio in Fort Worth, Texas. I have been riding motorcycles since I was a kid, though my accomplishments in this field can not be discussed; Ha Ha!  I have a beautiful daughter, named Andie that keeps me in line. Jim Curry refers to her as “ANDY Squared,” Stacy says she looks just like me, only SHE is cute!


Now, about Stacy; I’ll get back to you when I figure it out myself. All kidding aside, she is a fun loving and caring person. I love her personality; she is always a bundle of joy and fun to be with. She loves animals so much that I am going broke trying to feed them all. She finally has her little Noah’s arc. She has her own little herd of cows that she is creating a program with. She loves Owen McGill’s breeding. Stacy has a son named Stefen, he is an awesome stepson. He helps us at the ranch constantly, and most of the time not by choice, ha ha.


We didn’t tell you much on this page; you will just have to come chill with us to see what we are really like.


Stacy & Andy Martinez                                                         Stefen & Andie also



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